Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yeonsan Ogye, the Black Korean Chicken

Found this as I was browsing through a link about unusual chicken breeds:

Yeosan Ogye M.
Photo by Lee Seong Woon

According to,

This is an ancient Korean breed, known from back in the time of the Middle Ages. Today it is mainly bred in the Chungcheongnam-Do area of Korea.
Its most notable characteristics are the black skin, eye, comb and bone. It has only the normal four toes. Males weigh around 1.7 kg and females around 1.2 kg.

The following is the description attached to the picture:

Yeonsan Ogye is the cock which has been bred in Korea since before the times in the Joseon Dynasty Ages.(Joseon Dynasty : The country which there was in Korea in A.D 1392~1910)
It is appointed to the 265th Korean natural monument and saves it.
The Korean animal husbandman do not understand it in detail for the origin of this cock.
However, a name called the O-gye appears if I watch the book(book name : Jaejeong-Jip) which a which is a Goryeo scholar(name is Lee Dal Chung, A.D 1309~1385 ) wrote of the times in the Goryeo Ages(Goryeo : The country which there was in Korea in Middle Ages.)
When They(Korean animal husbandmans) look in this, this cock is supposed in having entered Korea Peninsula before in the days of the Goryeo Ages.
Yeonsan Ogye is the record that a person called "Lee Hyeong Heum" lived Yeonsan, Chungcheongnam-Do in the Middle Ages of Korea, presented a which is the 25th Korean King(King name is "Cheoljong" A.D 1849–1863) for the first time.
It(Ogye) is April 1, 1980 that it was appointed to a natural monument and it(Ogye) is in Hwaak-ri, Yeonsan-Myeon, Nonsan-City, Chungcheongnam-Do and save it now.
The characteristic of this cock is comb and eyes of a black, skin and the bone of the ash black. a toe is 4, and it is a characteristic that green black feather.
The cock of spots(When this bred emission in old Korea, The gene of a Korean native cock done a crossing of was manifestation.) and the white(it is mutation) is born once in a while, too.

For ten minutes, I thought about the possbility of getting a few of these chickens for my flock, but then I read the regulations behind importing the chickens from Korea to the US.  Pretty much impossible for live chickens, and very, very difficult for hatching eggs.  I wonder if these barriers existed before Avian flu virus came onto the scene.


  1. I want some of those, too. I wonder if it would be easier to get them from Australia. I think they have them there.


  2. I am breeding these and will have fertile eggs in spring 2014. Purebred not hybrid.